NilePreneurs Academy

Our commitment on supporting SMEs in Egypt

For the last three years, HSBC has been the proud sponsor of the NilePreneurs Academy, a Central Bank of Egypt initiative housed at Nile University. The programme aims to develop the skills and capabilities of young entrepreneurs by:

  • Incubating innovators and business concepts that will fuel the economy
  • Increasing the employment opportunities for young people
  • Developing SME contributions to the national economy
  • Integrating the informal economy into the formal economy

Entrepreneurs from a broad range of sectors, including fintech, transportation, social and sustainability, agri-tech and e-commerce, have benefited from the programme since its launch in 2019. To date, 12 start-ups have graduated, going on to excel in their chosen fields.

NilePreneurs is just one of the ways HSBC demonstrates its commitment to supporting the Egyptian economy.

Learn about the Academy, its goals and successes and how it can help you in this interview with HSBC Egypt’s Head of SMEs and Business Banking Yasmin Farid.

We believe small and medium-sized enterprises are the engines of the economy and employment. This year we are keen to support sustainable and tech-driven start-ups due to their paramount importance in digitising the economy and stimulating growth in Egypt.

Yasmin Farid | Head of SMEs and Business Banking, HSBC Egypt

At a glance: NilePreneurs Academy

This six -month accelerated programme delivers business management training to equip participants with future skills and knowledge to grow in international markets, as well as connect entrepreneurs to new sustainable opportunities. Successful applicants will receive lectures, workshops, mentoring and one-on-one training sessions with leading experts and trainers.

Participants will be able to benefit from:

Organisation development

Work closely with mentors to define strategic objectives, values and principles, analyse your team’s capabilities and identify gaps for development.

Growth management

Size your market effectively, redefine your target customers and optimise your customer journey while learning different growth techniques.

Growth strategy

Tailor your long-term strategy to suit the nature of your business, identify the right time to scale up and use design thinking techniques.


Find the right marketing strategies to scale your business abroad, plus learn about multi-country taxation and compliance, digital trading and exports and imports.

Financial management

Manage your financials, work on your capital and optimise your expenses. Explore concepts like taxation, customs and digital treasury.


Learn how to pitch your business to investors for your next round of funding and gain knowledge about start-up valuations, mergers and acquisitions and scale-up funding options.

We are proud to be part of this exciting initiative helping innovative young Egyptian entrepreneurs acquire new knowledge, skills and access to opportunities, as well as empowering diversity, promoting sustainability and contributing to economic growth.

Ali Taqi | Head of CMB, HSBC Egypt

Ready to take your business to the next level? Find out more about Nilepreneurs Academy here.

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